~1945527Welcome! My name is Zandra and I live to eat! Food and cooking are my passions and it has become the ultimate hobby for me; something that truly makes me happy.

I grew up in South Jersey with my wonderful parents and hilarious younger brother. And that’s where my love of food began. My mom made a real, home cooked dinner for my family almost every night of the week. I’m very lucky, I know. When my brother and I were younger yes, we were super picky, but as we grew up we would try more and more of my mom’s offerings.

I began to help my mom prepare dinners, offer up recipes I saw on Food Network, and basically stood as her sous chef for the 24 years I lived with my parents. And it was amazing; I have such wonderful memories of cooking with my family.

Now, I live in the Philadelphia area with my fiancé, Scott, and cooking for him is so fun. Lucky for me he enjoys just about anything I put in front of him and he’ll eat leftovers like nobody’s business.

I hope you enjoy my blog and as I stated in my first post I don’t plan on focusing on any certain cuisine or lifestyle cooking. But each post I hope to teach you a technique or process you can bring back to your own kitchen! I really believe good technique will take your cooking to the next level for even the most basic recipes.  Again, I know I am not a trained chef and certainly don’t profess to be one. But I’m no spaz in the kitchen, that’s for sure!



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  1. I can’t wait to read about all of your delicious recipes. Thankfully, I get to try a lot of them as they’re made but I may even make a few of the recipes on my own!! Congrats Z.


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