Bonus Gag Gift! Edible Coal


I’m sure there’s someone fresh in your life you’d really enjoy giving coal to!  And you don’t have to feel guilty because its delicious rice krispy treat coal!

What a fun gift to give to your sassy friend or little brother, watch out Frankie ;)  I packaged the coal in a cellophane bag I got at Michaels and a cute ribbon.  Its also fun to include a tag with this poem on it!

“I heard you have been naughty not nice,
And Santa even checked his list twice.
So all the way from the cold North Pole
all you’re getting is a bag of coal.”

And the kicker is the coal will dye your recipients tongue black, ha!

1/4 cup butter
10.5 oz bag mini marshmallows 
4 cups rice cereal
1/4 tsp black icing color**
Non stick spray

Add the butter and marshmallows to a large pot (a non stick pot is best for this but it’ll still work if you just have a regular pot) over low heat.  

Melt the marshmallows until they are completely liquified.  Mini mallows are really best for this.  If you can’t find minis be sure to cut the regular sized mallows into smaller pieces using kitchen shears.  I made that mistake and almost burnt the mixture!


Add in the black icing color and mix well.


Turn off the flame and add in the rice cereal and mix well.  Its going to get harder to mix but power through!


Once it’s fully mixed you’ll have a big sticky mess!  Spray your hands with the non stick spray and very carefully (there will be some hot spots in the pot) pick up lumps of the mixture and place on a sheet of parchment.


The “coal” should look irregular, not a perfect ball.


Let the coal cool completely and package as you wish!  Enjoy!

** here is a picture of the dye I used.  I found it in the baking section at Michaels.  


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