Candy Cane Bark

This two ingredient, no bake treat will be the perfect addition to your Christmas cookie platter this year!  The bark is so easy to make, even the kids can help out with this one!

The bark is also a great home made gift.  Put the bark pieces in those cute cellophane bags and you’re all set!

12 candy canes
12 oz bag white chocolate chips

Yields 2 cups of bark

Unwrap 12 candy canes and place them in a large ziplock bag.  Place the bag on a cutting board and hit the bag with the bottom of a pot or pan to break up the candy canes.  
Put the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each time, until the chocolate is melted.

Pour the broken up candy cane pieces into the chocolate and mix well.

Line a baking sheet with wax paper.  Pour the chocolate mixture onto the pan and spread it out into an even layer.  Tap the pan against the counter to help spread the chocolate.  

Refrigerate the chocolate for at least an hour.

Break up the chocolate into small pieces.



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