RumChata Hot & Cold!

RumChata is without question, my favorite liqueur! This creamy cinnamon beverage will undoubtedly get you in the holiday spirit!  RumChata is good in just about anything from coffee to Fireball but here are two of the best ways to have it!

My winter/year-round go to is RumChata and Hot Chocolate.

Prepare your favorite cup of hot chocolate according to the package directions.  Add in 1-2 ounces of chata, stir and garnish with a cinnamon stick!  Perfection.

 One of my newer favorites is RumChata and Root beer.  Its basically a boozy Root beer float, amazing.
Stir (don’t shake) together 1/2 cup of Root beer soda and 1/4 cup RumChata and serve over ice.    

Two incredibly simple drinks with incredibly delicious flavor!  Enjoy!


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